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Glendora Unified School District

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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

While attending, and upon leaving Whitcomb High School, students will be:


Responsible Citizens who:

  • Collaborate and Lead

  • Respect Themselves and Others

  • Care for their Community

  • Become Difference Makers

Individuals who:

  • Think Critically and Solve Problems

  • Set and Achieve Personal Goals

  • Utilize their own Strengths and Interests

  • Embrace Lifelong Learning

Scholars who:

  • Inspire Others

  • Prepare for Post-Secondary Opportunities

  • Use Technology to Learn and Create

  • Engage in the Learning Process

Effective Communicators who:

  • Speak, Listen and Write Productively

  • Incorporate Technology to Broaden their Skills

  • Understand and Adapt to their Audience

  • Present Themselves Confidently