Independent Study Programs


350 W. Mauna Loa Ave.

Glendora, CA 91740


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8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

(Monday through Friday)


The Independent Study Program (ISP) is an optional, educational alternative, available to students from kindergarten through high school, and Adult Education high school diploma programs.  ISP is meant to respond to the student’s specific educational needs, interests, aptitudes, and abilities within the confines of school board policy. As a recognized alternative to regular classroom study, the ISP option is expected to be equal in quality to classroom instruction.

Participation in ISP is voluntary.  ISP is a choice made by the student, parent, guardian, or caregiver, and the school administration.  ISP is a contract-based program that defines the term of placement, the reason for placement, and the course of studies to be followed during the contract. Contracts are written for the term of one semester at a time, and are re-written at the start of each semester. As a temporary placement, ISP can be taken for a minimum of 5 days from the school of residence to allow the student to take part in family situations that arise during the school year. Students on a temporary placement receive study materials from their regular classroom teachers and return the materials to their teachers when they return to school. This placement is usually for less than 30 days, and ends before the conclusion of the current semester. For a more extended period, a long-term placement allows the student’s in grades 6-12 to complete a course of studies under the supervision of a certificated instructor of the district that follows the adopted curriculum of the board of education. Assignments are provided on a weekly basis and are returned to the ISP instructor for correction and attendance credit.  Extra assistance and tutoring from the instructor is available if necessary. Students in grades K-8th grade may also participate in ISP through the districts Home Schooling program. The Home Schooling program allows the parent/guardian of the student to take a more active role in the delivery of the curriculum under the guidance of a certificated instructor.

To enroll in the independent study programs, contact should be made with the student’s school of enrollment to request placement to the ISP. Upon receipt of the request form, the ISP department will conduct an assessment of the student needs and assign the student to the most appropriate instructor. The instructor will call and make an appointment with the parent and student to establish a program of study and sign the required contract.

If you have any questions regarding these programs, please feel free to contact the district office, or the Independent Study Department office at (626) 852-4511.