School Philosophy

Whitcomb High School provides students with an alternative setting to help them be successful in school, and in their future. WHS is designed to meet the needs of any of the following types of students or situations:

  • The student who needs more individualized curriculum, instruction, or guidance.

  • The student with personal issues, responsibilities, or situations which make it difficult to attend a traditional, comprehensive high school.

  • The student who is significantly behind in credits and is therefore not on track to graduate on time.

  • The employed student who can only attend minimal hours per week.

  • The student who has been transferred from the comprehensive high school due to chronic absenteeism, credit deficiency, or social emotional support. 

The ultimate goal of Whitcomb High School is to develop a person who is willing to accept and display the responsibilities of good citizenship and to become a contributing member of our society, as shown in our " School-wide Learning Outcomes."